Barn Design and Plans

This contemporary barn conversion is in Diggle, Oldham District of Greater Manchester. Boarshurst designed and planned the entire conversion and remodelling of the barns to meet stringent Green Belt planning regulations.

Our experienced architectural team achieved three main objectives:

  1. To increase the barn volume
  2. Maximise space saving design
  3. Achieve a contemporary, light, open plan style

The converted barn perfectly suits the needs of modern family living in Heaven Barn. The design has exceeded the family's expectations for other objectives too, such as ease of maintenance, use and comfort.

Green Belt Planning Regulations

The planning restrictions mainly impacted:

  • The additional volume - we were allowed to add only 30% within permissible limits. This meant raising the roof line and lowering floors where the volume would significantly improve the utility of a room
  • The number of external openings - windows and doors were restricted and light was required for a contemporary open plan style
  • The external building design - requiring sympathetic renovation in keeping with the area

1. Additional Barn Volume

To maximise space our planning team drew up a design plan, which:

  • Integrated a roofed link structure between the barns into the whole
  • Raised the roof on several barns
  • Lowering the floor in one area to allow a second storey
  • Added a storey to the largest and tallest barn
  • Remove redundant internal structures

2. Maximise Space Saving

Space saving design innovation increases the useable living area. Innovations include:

  • Choosing options that don't impact on space or use of room - such as underfloor heating that eliminates radiators
  • Selection of fixtures and fittings with space efficient design - such as semi pedestal sinks and toilets
  • Designing in half turn stairs and integrating a dining area seat
  • Constructing mezzanine levels in ground floor bedrooms

3. Contemporary Style

Many elements go into a contemporary style:

  • A minimalist look - keeping lines and walls clear, consistency in light colour scheme and materials such as doors, floors and skirting boards
  • Light and airy feel - maximising natural light into the building with roof windows, glass balustrades, floating stairs, glass shower walls, multiple, unobtrusive ceiling light sources
  • Maintaining a clear distinction between new and original features and designing so they pleasantly sit along-side each other

Despite the stringent regulations our detailed and thorough planning achieved all the design objectives. The barns were successfully amalgamated and volume was increased where it had the greatest impact. There is a minimum of wasted space and the internal layout is extremely functional and easy to use. All areas of the barn have an open, light, modern and contemporary feel.

Our experience and genuine interest in modern constructive ideas and solutions helped us plan this wonderful, luxury converted barn. The client and his family love their new home and found the process exciting, engaging and our friendly way of working empowering for them.

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Diggle Barn Conversion
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Contemporary Barn Conversion, Diggle Manchester
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Modern Stone Barn Master Bedroom
Architectural Building Plans - Proposed Elevation