Diggle Barn Conversion, Oldham

We planned and constructed Heaven Barn near Oldham in close consultation with the client who wanted a luxury, contemporary 4 bedroom family home, created from derelict adjoining barns.

The barn conversion and interiors, to the delight of the client were finished within 26 weeks and within a £250,000 budget.

Stone Barns

Boarshurst transformed the original row of derelict farm buildings into the modern family home as pictured, incorporating space efficient design concepts, eco-friendly under floor heating, and ideas sympathetic to the internal design brief and the requirements of the beautiful Green Belt location.

This luxury four bedroom home was created where five barn structures stood previously. Twin barns with adjoining stores were connected by a roofed link structure. Planning regulations allowed us to formally enclose the link to utilise the space for living area.

Space Creation and Space Saving

The barn conversion design brief required the maximum increase in the barns volume and of floor area; plus innovative space saving design and features. We increased volume by 30%, the most allowed under Green Belt planning regulations, to maximum effect; added floors and incorporated underfloor heating, open plan design and contemporary space saving features.

Innovative Solutions

To create the light and open feel within the barn we improved the ability of natural light to enter the building. Because Green Belt legislation restricted additional openings we installed Velux windows within roof structures, added a private/hidden gable window and using glass and open structures ensured light could travel unimpeded wherever possible.

Artificial light is from extensive networks of recessed, directional down lighters which keep ceilings clear. Wall mounted dimmer switches allow a full range of mood lighting possibilities within each room. Along the hall to the bedrooms, we installed low level wall lights to illuminate the hall and steps at night.

The barn utilises the latest in home heating systems. Under-floor heating, supplied from pipes installed below gently and controllably warms rooms and frees walls from traditional radiators that can restrict room use and design freedom.

Modern Appliances & Fittings

The barn is designed to be low maintenance, of an environmentally friendly design and for long life. The same principle applies to the selection of household appliance and fixtures and fittings chosen. State of the art Miele appliances are installed in kitchen and utility room and high quality white metal fixtures and fittings are used consistently throughout the barn.

Building Reconstruction

A number of the original barn structures were in such a poor state of repair - having been derelict for decades - dismantling was the only option. Their careful reconstruction was onto new foundations using original stone materials. Some original internal walls were not required and planning to take these out increased useable internal space. The additional wall of the link structure was built using original internal stone. Where we kept original structures, these were underpinned for stability.

Contemporary Barn Interiors

The design concept is based around a minimalist, contemporary interior style. The completed interior has clean lines, bespoke features, light and airy feel and a modern layout. We designed these elements at the project planning stage.

Cost of Barn Conversion

The approximate cost for this barn conversion is £250,000, including plans and design, heating system, bespoke fixtures and fittings, reconstruction and renovation, windows, doors, floors and driveway.

Diggle Barn Conversion
Contemporary Barn Conversion, Diggle Manchester
Contemporary Barn Kitchen, Oldham Manchester
Stone Barn's Modern Kitchen, Diggle Manchester
Stone Barn's TV Snug Lounge, Diggle Manchester
Contemporary Family Bathroom, Manchester
Feature Window in Converted Barn, Saddleworth Manchester