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Trussed Roof Loft Conversion in Ramsbottom

In a single day we completely replaced the roof structure and sealed it, making space for 2 bedrooms.

Removing W-shaped trusses and installing attic trusses allowed two double bedrooms to be added, plus a shower room. The detached four bedroom house gained significant internal space and included the latest pre-manufactured Velux dormer windows to the rear.

Internal Rooms

Internally the stairs rise from the existing landing and ahead, a shower room positioned between the bedrooms provides valuable additional bathroom facilities.

Bedroom dimensions are approximately 5m x 2.5m (16'4" x 8'3") and 5m x 3.9m (16'4" x 12'8") making the rooms spacious enough for double rooms.

The tiled shower room contains a matching space efficient toilet and washbasin and clear fronted shower. A Velux skylight provides light and ventilation to the room.

Conversion Method

The most suitable conversion method depends on the house structure; this house suited a complete roof replacement.

While many loft conversion companies will take weeks or months to re-roof a house our technique is to manufacture the replacement attic trusses off-site to precise dimensions and install them rapidly to minimise disruption and delay.

One Day Installation

On the day of installation we focus a significant proportion of our resource onto the installation to ensure the reroofing is completed within a day. This is a time when our architectural, management and trades people skills work most closely together so that by the end of the day pre-fabricated roof trusses are installed and the roof made watertight.

Teams starting at dawn:

  1. Completely remove the existing roof structure back to the ceiling joists and build up the wall plate
  2. Crane lifts pre-fabricated attic trusses onto the house and install to create the roof structure
  3. Mechanically fix a waterproof, breathable membrane and batten the roof to weather proof the house

This is always an exciting time for a home owner. Just as in American movies where rural homes are erected by the community in a day, we persevere to ensure you home is thoroughly weather tight before sun down.

Any nervousness watching an existing roof be disassembled is matched only by excitement as a new, higher roof is immediately assembled. The management team and teams of roofers, joiners and bricklayers work diligently on the structure, not leaving site until the home is made safe from the elements.

The Ramsbottom build went to plan, as do all our truss conversions. Each a testament to the professionalism of our skilled teams that carry out the work from initial survey and planning through to final fixings. Each stage of development is expertly managed, carried out by qualified people with years of similar experience and is passed by a Building Regulation Inspector.

Our Ramsbottom client chose Boarshurst for our competitive quote, experience and reputation for friendly, professional service. The family is delighted to have a larger, more comfortable house and are happy with the work carried out.

Cost of Conversion

The total cost of the conversion was £48,000.

Trussed Loft Conversion Ramsbottom
Trussed Roof Conversion in Ramsbottom Converting a Trussed Loft in Ramsbottom
Attic Truss Installation in Ramsbottom
The Truss Roof Conversion Boarshurst Lofts During Conversion